1. Choose your Square(s)

  • Go to GamecockMural.com (This redirects to PublicWorksOfHeart.com)
  • From the Home page you can buy a square on any of the three sides of the mural by clicking the “Buy a Square” button
  •  Now you’re on the product page of our Shopify store for the square you chose. Add the quantity of squares you’d like to your cart.
  • If you want squares on another side of the mural, you can add them to your cart by selecting the “Public Works of HeART” header.

2. Check out through Shopify

  • When you’re ready to check out, go to your cart.
  • If the squares in your cart are correct, proceed to check out. Do not type names you want listed at the mural in the box for special instructions. You will fill out a form to name squares once your purchase is complete.
  • Enter your contact and billing information, then continue to the next step.
  • Enter your credit card information, then complete your purchase.

3. Name Your Square(s) (Part II)

  • An email confirmation of your order from Shopify has been sent to your inbox.
  • This is the form to name your squares on the display at the Gamecock Mural. You must fill it out after completing your purchase in order to have the correct names acknowledged. On the first page of the form, fill in YOUR name and email. This name will not be listed on the display. In the field named “How many squares did you purchase?” select the number of squares listed in your purchase information at the top of the page (as seen in step #9). On the “Next Page” you will fill out information for the display.

4. Name Your Square(s) (Part II)

  • Select how you would like to acknowledge the name on each square. Names can be acknowledged in one of several ways: – In Memory of John A. Smith (will be displayed as a flower beside name) – In Honor of John A. Smith (will be displayed as a heart beside name) – John A. Smith Family (this is how families will be listed on the display) – John A. Smith (-none-) or John Smith Company (-business)
  • Select which side of the mural you purchased each square on. This must match the purchase information listed at the top of the page.
  • Type the name you want acknowledged for each square. Double check spelling and capitalization.
  • After submitting the form an email will be sent to your email address with links to personalized certificates. Download each certificate to print and enjoy or give as a gift.

Screenshot Gallery: How to Buy a Square