Q: Where will the Gamecock Water Tank Mural be located?

A: The water tank is near the intersections of I-26 and I-77 beside the Par Tee Driving Range and The Coop, one mile from the new South Carolina State Farmers Market.

Q: How was Public Works of HeART started?

A: Public Works of HeART was founded by Will and Katie Bryan in 2013. After returning from a trip building homes in Haiti, Will was commissioned to paint a mural for a friend. Katie and Will decided to have the friend donate the commission to the non-profit they worked with in Haiti. That way the friend would become aware of the need in Haiti, and the mural would become a reminder to the friend that the money they paid for the mural not only beautified their home but also helped improve someone’s life. Will and Katie realized that this model could be applied to public art and entire communities, and it inspired the idea of starting a company with giving at its core.

Q: Is Public Works of HeART a non-profit organization?

A: No. Public Works of HeART partners with non-profit organizations to create awareness and donate money to their cause.

Q: How much money from each square goes to Harvest Hope Food Bank?

A: AT LEAST five dollars from each square will be donated by Public Works of HeART to Harvest Hope Food Bank.

Q: Is this a tax deductible donation?

 A: Purchasing individual squares is not tax deductible since Public Works of HeART is not a 501 (c)(3) organization. The Cayce Beautification Foundation 501(c)(3) is accepting tax deductible donations of $1,000 or more on behalf of the Gamecock Mural. 

Q: What is Shopify?

 A: Shopify is a secure and easy to use e-commerce platform that enables individuals and businesses to create online stores. On the Public Works of HeART Shopify store you are able to securely purchase squares with a credit card or through a PayPal account.

Q: Who will own the Gamecock Water Tank Mural?

A: The mural will be donated to the City of Cayce. The City of Cayce will then have ownership of the mural and be responsible for future maintenance.

Q: How many squares can I buy?

A: You can buy as many as you want!

Q: Where will my name be?

A: A public display will be placed at the grounds beside the mural near the Par Tee Driving Range. It will include the name you list for each square purchased.

Q: Can I choose which square to purchase?

A: You are able to choose whether you want your square on the driving range side or the Charleston Highway side of the water tank. Public Works of HeART intends to design the public display in such a way as to allow each supporter to know where their squares are located on the mural design.

Q: Can I buy squares in other people’s name?

A: Yes! After purchasing your squares, you will be prompted to complete an online form to list the name you would like for each square purchased.

Q: How do I share the project on Facebook and Twitter?

A: You can tweet or post to Facebook directly from square product pages.